Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Few Chicken and Garden Photos

These are the "chicks," who've been let out of their yard and allowed to roam free. They're about 18 wks old now. We still don't want to mix them with the older hens, so we have to alternate. They're hiding under the huge forsythia bush in this picture. I think they'll start laying in about 3-4 more weeks!
This is Creampuff, the crested polish. Almost all her head feathers have come in now. Every time we've tried putting her back with the others, they pluck out her head feathers. I'm not sure if this is because the feathers still growing in looked different, or if it's a pecking order thing, or what.
And this is Cleo, the Egyptian fayoumis, who also has been isolated from the other chicks. These two are much smaller than the heavy breeds. Yesterday, I opened their gate and allowed them to mix with the laying hens, who didn't bother them at all. So they may end up just staying with them and not going back to the other group, until we mix them all together.
This is the latest picture of the luffa plant. I have seen another four also, up high on the fence so I can't reach them, but this one is really growing fast. And it's about 18 inches long. The fence squares are 6 by 6 inches.
Figs! Need I say more? Actually, I will. :) We've gotten about 5 or 6 figs from the tree this year. In the past, the fruits haven't gotten large enough or ripened before frost, so this is a bumper year! I'm planning to transplant it to a full-sun location in the early spring and feed it a lot of compost. Things are looking up!

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