Saturday, September 15, 2007

Homeschool Blog Awards Update

First of all, to answer the question:

What are the Homeschool Blog Awards?

Back in 2005, SpunkyHomeschool thought up the idea of giving homeschool bloggers the opportunity to win blog awards because we were not likely to get noticed by mainstream blog-award-givers. Spunky’s first year of the Homeschool Blog Awards were a complete success. Not only did quite a few homeschool bloggers get a much deserved pat on the back for their “labor of love”, but all of us were able to join together as a group - no matter what type of homeschooler we were - and learn about all the talent among our ranks. Some of us met new bloggers, made new friends, and found new blogs to read that continue to inspire us to be better homeschoolers.

From Sprittibee, an update on the status of the next Homeschool Blog Awards:

In my spare time (as if), I am one of the hosts of the Homeschool Blog Awards website. Earlier this year we had the belated 2006 awards. It was a learning process and I'm hoping to have lots of help in making the 2007 awards even better.

The awards will hopefully start back up soon. By the end of fall, I'm hoping that we can take nominations for 2007's up and coming homeschool blog stars. By December, we should all be voting again. Before Christmas break, we will have a new set of winners taking home a ton of prizes!

Being a homeschool mom (who just began her 6th year of teaching at home)... and having my own daily blog to keep up, there's no way I can run the HSB Awards site without help. We are searching the net for willing participants with bloggish talent to help keep the HSB Awards Site going full speed. We are also working on some ideas for the website and are hoping to start regular posting there soon. Be looking for our new authors as they join. Each of them will have their own "bio" page on the homeschool Blog Awards Webpage.

If you are interested in contributing and would like to find out more about this project, please email me (find my info under my contact link in the sidebar)!

And from the Homeschool Blog Awards site:

Hi there, homeschool bloggers. I know you’ve all been having HSBA withdrawals… so we are working on setting up a regular posting schedule that will start next week if we can work out the administrative kinks. A group of about seven wonderful bloggers (many whose blogs you probably already read) have offered to volunteer their time and efforts to further the HSBA project!

We plan to bring you interesting tips, devotionals, stories, interviews with homeschool bloggers, blogging advice, articles, links, photos, information, product reviews, and more… all in a weekly and easily digestible format. We hope you will add us to your blog rolls as we gear up for another great awards season.

This FALL, we will begin discussions about when to start nominating your favorite 2007 homeschool blogs, share the rules and regulations, begin gathering prizes, and hopefully get polling set up again. Be sure to start jotting down some notes as to any suggestions you want to share with us as we begin to put the final plans together to bring you a great 2007 Homeschool Blog Awards Competition.

We hope to meet some new bloggers and get to catch up with old favorites. By this Christmas, we’ll have another set of winners for the sidebar!

Have a great weekend and be back here next week to check in and see how the progress is going…

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