Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Make It From Scratch Carnival 32

The latest carnival is hosted at "And Miles to Go Before We Sleep."

Welcome to another addition of "Make it From Scratch", where talented bloggers share their wonderful ideas and projects to inspire you to create something new.

Challenge yourself to make something new and share it on your blog, then enter it in the Carnival. More details can be found HERE.

These projects can be items you have made for the first time, or tried and true classics that you would like to share.The first week of the month is dedicated to things made from scratch for the first time and other weeks can be either first time creations or something you have made before.

Please be sure to check out what is going on next week on the 33rd edition of Make it From Scratch, hosted by Stephanie at Stop The Ride. It is challenge week, and the challenge is to make something that you haven't made before and those who take the challenge are put in a drawing for a made from scratch prize from her.

Stephanie is also declaring a special edition next week; Where in the world are you from? She'd like participants to leave their country (and state for US) when they submit their posts. Then we can see where all make it from scratch ideas are coming from!

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