Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Arin Sime Press Release, More on the Commercial

Contact: Arin Sime 434 996 5226
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – October 10th, 2007


October 10th, 24th District — Arin Sime, Libertarian State Senate candidate for the 24th District, has released his campaign television commercial on YouTube. The commercial can be seen online at the campaign website, or on YouTube at:

The commercial emphasizes the main issues of the campaign and features voters from the 24th District who not only support Sime’s platform, but also have ties to the issue they are representing. Those appearing in the commercial are:

Property Taxes: Tina and John Munchmeyer are homeowners in Crozet who express their displeasure with drastically rising property taxes.

Second Amendment: Skip Plitt and his son Austin are Albemarle County residents, as well as avid hunters and 2nd Amendment enthusiasts.

Educational Choice: Silvia Barrett is a homeschooling mom from the Earlysville area who is active in the homeschool movement.

Property Rights: Gerard Labrecque and his family live in Staunton, and were threatened with eminent domain in 2006 on a property he is renovating.

Family Farms: Sue and Guy Freesen own a farm in Staunton and regularly sell their meat at area farmer’s markets around the 24th District. They are also active in organizations seeking to remove excessive regulations on family farms.

In the final scene, Mr. Sime is filmed at the Ashton Country House in Staunton, which is a recently re-opened Bed & Breakfast owned by his father-in-law Dick Chamberlain. The commercial was filmed by Tugboat Media LLC, and will be running on area TV stations during the final week of the campaign. A version of the ad has also been produced for radio and direct mail.

Mr. Sime commented that “I am honored to have the support of many people around the 24th District. I am particularly humbled by those who not only support my libertarian platform for small government, but were willing to appear in a commercial endorsing my campaign.”

Arin Sime resides in Crozet with his wife and two children and is a small business owner. More information about the campaign is available at

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