Monday, October 15, 2007

Bob Gibson on Libertarian Political Message

My mother called me yesterday and said she saw my name in the Daily Progress, in a column by Bob Gibson. The title is "Libertarian message is positive."

The most honest, positive and straightforward political ads this season, with issues and positions spelled out in plain English, without highly selective, emotional attacks, appear to be those of Libertarians.
Smaller government has an appeal to people that big political parties preach but rarely practice.
Libertarians are honest about not having all the answers - and they don’t think government does, either.

No mudslinging here
Sime’s television advertising features local families making a simple appeal for preserving family farms, property rights, educational choice, gun rights and in favor of lower property taxes.
The ads do not mention or savage Hanger, who survived a withering series of attacks from an anti-tax challenger in a June Re-publican primary contest.
Instead, Sime lays out Libertarian positions, with local couples making the pitch for him and his ideas.

[Here's my mention:] “It’s time to empower parents with choice in education,” says Earlysville home-schooling mother Silvia Barrett.

Sime is a computer-savvy small businessman with a relentlessly honest message.

Libertarians are on the Thomas Jefferson side of the great American political divide between Jefferson and Federalist Alexander Hamilton, Linden said.
A strong sense of individualism strikes a chord with many voters, and Sime appears to be telling voters to make a statement for principle over practicality.
On the national level, Republican presidential hopeful Dr. Ron Paul is carrying the Libertarian flag through the GOP primaries with the same gusto shown by Sime.
Paul is the only anti-war Republican in the field, but the contrast with big-government Republicans doesn’t end there.
Paul, a Texas Republican congressman, finished third in the 1988 presidential election as the Libertarian Party nominee.

Virginians may get their first looks at Libertarian TV ads this fall and may just like the straightforward messages.

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