Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Brownies Made from Scratch

Everyone in this family cooks--some more than others, but if people are cooking their favorite foods, we're guaranteed a good meal. This time, Emily had decided to make brownies from scratch for a Girl Scout ceremony/Halloween party happening tonight. So I may get one small bite only--oh well!

She originally wanted to bake lavender brownies, because she'd had some that a friend's mom had baked a while back. We didn't realize you needed the flowers--we just have the plant growing at this point. So we searched for another recipe to use instead.

We found the Best Brownies recipe at allrecipes.com yesterday, which is what she ended up using. Emily said the recipe was so easy, she's going to start baking brownies instead of chocolate chip cookies!

Here is the pan ready to go in the oven:

And this is it 30 minutes later:

Because these brownies are for a Girl Scout event, we bought this cool, super-easy icing, which you can use with Cake Mate decorating tips (which we already had).

Today, Emily pre-cut the brownies into bite-sized pieces and put a G or an S on each square. She left a few plain for those who might not like icing. :)

I can't wait to taste them! She didn't make the icing the recipe called for, and in the comments on allrecipes.com many people said they didn't either, and they left other suggestions as well. I used to use the site as a resource more, especially because of the comments people can leave. Our favorite pancake recipe is from there, if you're interested. One word: butter!

One side-note--Emily's Girl Scout troop is composed of Juliettes, which are independent scouts. And the leader isn't requiring the girls to sell any cookies (yeah!) or buy the whole uniform, or any of the other requirements there might be. She suggests a sash or vest for the badges and pins, and we share the scouting and badges books. It's a nice alternative to a traditional troop.

Update: Emily says "Yum!!" about the brownies. I thought they were rather tasty, too. They didn't rise much, so they're not going to fill the pan. I'm wondering if we double the recipe and use the same pan, what would happen? Hm.

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muddy mama said...

I enjoyed your post. It's so cool to see a child's confidence grow with their new skills.
All of my children love to help me cook. I love it!

jugglingpaynes said...

Neat! I'm sure my oldest would love to see that site. She's starting to bake more than I do!
I had heard from a friend about the Juliettes. I guess I'll have to check that out. We never had luck finding a troop in our area that had room.
Peace and Laughter,