Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Call for Submissions for Make It From Scratch Carnival

I'll be hosting the 34th MIFS carnival. I'm looking forward to all the recipes and other MIFS posts that will be coming my way.

I'd especially love to see party foods, snacks and cakes--my son's birthday is coming up really soon!

If you'd like to participate, please send your submission using the form at BlogCarnival. The deadline is October 8th at 5pm EST.

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Harper said...

I'm hosting a bridal shower on Saturday, and I'm doing my best to keep it frugal and healthy. I'm making five kinds of salad (green, fruit, potato, pasta, and tabouleh), a bundt cake sans frosting (pear with a dusting of powdered sugar), iced tea, and punch (juice with club soda). Food will be my primary expense, as I am using my own serving dishes and utensils. The party is a picnic at a local park, so I'm bringing a couple folding chairs (for those who can't manage the ground) and two table cloths--one for the food and one for the gifts. I'll also pack a few board games to entertain the guests. My biggest expenses will be a deli tray, a baloon to mark our location, and a bouquet of roses for decoration. Oh, and I managed to find invitations for free from a local thrift store! If it were a smaller party, though, I would have used regular notecard stationary.

In any case, long live the picnic!

Silvia said...

If you have any recipes for these dishes, please share them!