Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Carivals of Homeschooling, MIFS and Education

The Thinking Mother is hosing this week's Carnival of Homeschooling:

I decided to not create a theme but instead to see what submissions rolled in to see what has been on everyone’s minds. This is mid-October, and with that it seems that most of what is on the minds of homeschooling parents is immersion in learning about various areas of study, enjoying the family life of the homeschooling lifestyle, and thoughts of how the new 'homeschool year' is going, taking breaks from formal lessons and so on.

I had a submission, my Rockets post, but it ended up in her spam folder, so it may be added later. I enjoyed Consent of the Governed's entry, Homeschoolers for Ron Paul. :)

Nini Makes is hosting the Make if from scratch! carnival, with an autumn theme:

This edition is rich with recipe entries which include canning and preserving, apple pie sandwiches, cozy casseroles and more - all befitting the time of year.
I'm looking forward to making the Apple Pie Sandwiches at "And Miles to Go Before We Sleep".

The Carnival of Education comes out tomorrow and will be hosted at the Education Wonks.

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