Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Carnival of Homeschooling at Sprittibee

Sprittibee has done a really creative carnival of homeschooling! Her theme is the Yearbook Edition. She asked people to send in a picture from their high school days if they had it.

Welcome to the 96th Carnival of Homeschooling. If you don't know what a carnival is... let me explain. A Blog Carnival is a showcase of memories (articles that we bloggers call "posts") from around the net on a group of blogs which share similar interests. There are carnivals for all sorts of things (cats, finances, poetry...). This carnival is put on BY homeschoolers FOR homeschoolers. Each host has their own style and sometimes uses a "theme" to write the carnival. I like themes... so I usually use them when I host the carnival on my blog. This week's theme is high school yearbooks. I happen to be a photo nut... and I thought it would be fun to see what some of my favorite bloggers looked like in their yearbook days. A few of the photo submissions you see here are current photos of bloggers (we won't hold it against you that you are young enough to be our CHILDREN).

Take some time and visit each of the links below. You might go blind if you try to do it all in one sitting. Bookmark this post and come back with a cup of coffee when you have a free moment. You'll be amazed at the talent, inspiration, wit, and information that each blogger has to offer the homeschool community. Each week there's a new carnival of homeschooling, so be sure to check Henry's blog to find out where the next carnival will be located. He also has information as to how you can enter one of your posts in the mix.

My entry this time around is Model Rocket Engines and Resources.


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