Sunday, October 28, 2007

Carnival Submissions Needed

The deadline for the carnival of homeschooling is Monday at 6pm PST. You can submit an entry here. This one's being hosted at Sprittibee. UPDATE: the theme is the Yearbook Edition!

The next carnival of education is scheduled for Halloween--submit entries here--hosted at What It's Like on the Inside.

The next carnival of children's literature isn't scheduled yet, but you can still send an entry.

The carnival of principled government will come out on November 12th at Principled Discovery. You've got plenty of time to write something for this one still.

Send your entry for Make it from scratch! here by tonight, hosted at A Penny Closer, or wait till the next one at HowToMe.

The latest carnival of the recipes is at BookLore--it's the tricks and treats edition, of course! It just came out today, but you can send an entry for next week's still. The theme is diabetic recipes.

Windywillow is hosting the next Festival of the Trees, on Halloween. Send your entry with this form.

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