Monday, October 08, 2007

A Few Articles from a Google Alert

These came to my inbox today, and made me even more happy with our decision to homeschool our children.

Commute ruled unsuitable for Prudence I. students

PRUDENCE ISLAND — The state board of education ruled this week that a four-hour commute for elementary students to get from Prudence Island to a school off-island is too long. School committee chairwoman Sylvia Wedge said that this decision is causing the school department to look for a way to make the travel time shorter so the school can be closed for next year.

[ . . .]

This year, an additional student enrolled, bringing the population to three: a first-grader and two fourth-graders. The school grades are kindergarten through fourth, so two students may be off the roster for next year. The Prudence Island School working committee is researching a way to extend the grades to include the fifth. In two or three years, another island couple will be ready to send their daughter to half-day kindergarten, and they said kindergarten off the island "is not an option."


Dress-code compromise

Defiant student will be barred from extracurriculars

A student's solitary standoff over school uniforms led to a compromise of sorts at Franklin Middle School last week.

On Wednesday, Ashley Pruitt, a seventh-grader enrolled in Franklin's gifted student program, decided she was going wear clothes to school that clearly defied Franklin's strict uniform policy. The policy limits students to certain styles and colors of shirts and pants.

This is a government school--I don't see a problem with uniforms at a private school, where you can choose to attend or not. But with the government school? Oh, I get it, it's kinda like the military, right? But I thought we ended conscription years ago, in this free country of ours.

Bomb threat discovered at middle school campus

Mountain Home school students were evacuated at two campuses Thursday after a bomb threat was discovered at Pinkston Middle School.

About 1 p.m., school officials discovered a note written on a girl's bathroom stall in Pinkston Middle School that stated a bomb was at Mountain Home Junior High School and another was in the vicinity of the middle school, said Mountain Home Schools Superintendent Dr. Charles Scriber.

Although school officials did not believe the threats were true, students at the middle school and junior high school were evacuated as a precaution, Scriber said.

[ . . .]

Thursday's bomb threat marks the fourth in Mountain Home this year. In May, a threat was found written on a bathroom wall at Mountain Home Junior High School and another was found in a bathroom at Mountain Home High School. In April, a bomb threat was found at Wal-Mart in one of the restrooms.

I guess this is when the school kids get to fit in the all-important socializing that the NEA and others think homeschoolers don't get.

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