Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Graphics Ideas for T-Shirts

I ordered a t-shirt that we saw at the UNtreprenurial Fair at the Live & Learn conference for all four of us. The teen who created the shirts calls the it the "Space Pirate t-shirt." The shirt was fun, and it's a great reminder for us of our time spent with radical unschoolers--something to hold us till the next gathering. And on the piece of paper that comes with the shirt it says:

Warning: While wearing your shirt you may find yourself fighting an uncotrollable urge to sing the following:

"some people call me the space pirate
some call me the gangster of love
some people call me Maurice
cause I speak with the pompetus of love"
This is a picture of us all wearing the shirt.

Emily in hers, with Nute.

Thomas in his on his birthday.
So then I got to thinking, it would be cool to have a t-shirt that just looked something like this:

I told the teen who created the space pirate shirt about my idea: "You know—people would ask you, “Am I what?” And you’d say, “A Radical Unschooler.” Kind of like the got milk thing. Or a “Do you RU?” "

So that one might look like this:

Graphics designer, I am not. :) But the message is what I care about, not the other stuff. Borders can change. Any RU folks with ideas on this one?

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AnneO said...

Hey! I have the black *Space Pirate* and Sam has the red.

And I've always thought a t-shirt that just asks "RU?" would be COOL.

So I love your design!

JohnPark said...

Love the skull shirts!

Silvia said...

Thanks Anne!

Silvia said...

John, you may be seeing that photo, or something similar, for our holiday card. :)