Monday, October 15, 2007

Halloween Preparations Have Begun

Emily and my mom bought a couple big pumpkins last week. Thomas decided the time had come to carve his. Note Emily's horrified face. :) I think it was more the pumpkin guts that were disturbing her than Thomas's wielding of a knife.

I did have to help remove the top--it's a pretty thick pumpkin. Then they set to removing the insides and saving some seeds to plant next year, and the rest to go to the chickens (who loved them, btw).

Portrait of a pumpkin as a jack 'o lantern

Thomas wants to rename himself "Jason," despite never having seen any of the Jason movies.

Emily's pumpkin awaits her design
And this little pumpkin is still in limbo

I really liked Kelly's Halloween ideas at Modern June, too. We'll see how many the kids are interested in doing with me.

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