Thursday, October 25, 2007

Keeping Weapons out of Schools

There have been a lot of articles written about the high school girl who was expelled from school (which was just overturned, btw) over having brought a butter knife to school. Here's one to catch you up, from Rhymes with Right.

My thoughts turn to the no tolerance policies--when are the administrators going to realize that there are already plenty of "weapons" at school for the kids to use if they happen upon them? What about the janitorial supplies closet? The cafeteria, for crying out loud? Do the kids not get to use any utensils when they eat? What do they keep in the nurse's station? Gosh, I hope the teachers and administrators don't have letter openers at their desks. Or staplers, staple removers, rulers, nail files . . .

Speaking of which--how long will it be before they force students to keep their fingernails clipped short enough to not be used as weapons? (Maybe that's already part of the dress codes being enforced at some schools, who knows? )That was one of my "weapons of choice" when my brother and I fought at home. :) He pulled my hair, so what do you expect?

And then there are all those kids that go to martial arts classes--they are weapons! Will they be expelled if they merely show up at school? They might also be learning how to use clothing as a weapon. The possibilities are endless.

Is the teacher or principal wearing a belt, tie or scarf?

What about jewelry--earring posts are awfully pointy. Better watch out!

Of course, with all the abuse being reported at the hands of school employees, maybe the kids are right to be bringing "weapons." Just drawing a weapon sure isn't going to save them.

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Dana said...

Ooh...I'll have to expell my daughter. She is a brown belt now...and not completely averse to trying stuff out on her brother.

Silvia said...

So's mine. :) And she studied sword, and knife self-defense. Poor child would never be admitted to a school . . .

Anonymous said...

My son's college wrote in their rules that students
could not carry pocket knifes. BUT this is a culinary
school, each student carries a case full of knifes, etc.
to class everyday!!!

Julie in NJ