Monday, October 01, 2007

Learn More about Libertarian Candidate for Virginia State Senate

Arin Sime is the Libertarian Party candidate running for State Senate in the 24th district of Virginia. This article appeared recently in the News Virginian:

Libertarian candidate Arin Sime has no plans for a long-term political career if he pulls the upset and wins the Virginia Senate District 24 race in November. “The longer people spend in Richmond the more detached they become from the people at home,” said Sime, a Crozet businessman who works in software development.

He said he would limit himself to two terms if elected. Sime will oppose incumbent Sen. Emmett Hanger and Democrat David Cox in November.

Sime said if he is to win, he will need the conservative vote that Republican challenger Scott Sayre got against Hanger in the June primary.

He will also need those voters who in the past have been apathetic about government.

“People are open to alternatives and I’m pleasantly surprised when they hear about my Libertarian affiliation,” he said.

[ . . .]

Sime’s platform calls for less government, including lower taxes, school choice and protection of family farms.

Instead of real estate reassessments that sometimes go up 30 percent or more, Sime proposes limiting those assessments to 1 percent plus the rate of inflation a year.

As for education, Sime would like to give a state tax credit to those Virginia families who send their children to private schools or homeschool them.

There's more to the article at the link. Find out if you're in the 24th district here, using the Who's My Legislator tool. If you're represented by Hanger right now, then you are, and the form also will tell you your senate district, and your delegate district, too.

Here's a 2002 article by Celeste Land in the Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers' newsletter (then called VHEA) on "How and Why Homeschoolers Should be Involved in Local and State Politics."

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