Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Make if from Scratch Carnival

Go visit A Penny Closer for the 37th edition of Make if from scratch!

It’s time for Make It From Scratch #37! This carnival features the efforts and ideas of those who like to cook, craft, and create things from scratch. If you are new to A Penny Closer, welcome! This is a blog about a couple who are working together to reach their goals through budgeting, saving, and learning about frugality. You can read more about our story here or view a single page of all of our posts in our archives.
Although I enjoy crafts and DIY projects, I must admit that I have a serious love affair with cooking so every week I feature at least one recipe called a “Reducipe“. They are recipes designed to reduce your grocery bills by making an expensive meal cheaper, or an already cheap meal better.
I thought “frugality” would be a perfect theme for this edition. Creating something homemade not only exercises our creativity and resourcefulness, it helps us save money along the way. And with the holidays right around the corner who couldn’t use a few extra bucks in their pockets? We had a lot of wonderful submissions this week and I’ve marked my personal favorites with a star (*). Please enjoy!

My entry is the chili recipe.

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