Monday, October 08, 2007

Make It From Scratch 34--The Party Ideas Edition!

The Party Ideas Edition!

We're going to kick this carnival off with Joanna's post Sunflowers in my Kitchen: Cakes for a Spaceman posted at Sunflowers in my Kitchen. She says, "This cake was made for an actual rocket scientist, originally, but probably would work even better for a boy's birthday party!" Be sure to check out her other dessert posts!

We've have three entries from Doris at Life, Travel, Passion & more--first we have her first baking class with Catherine and then we are tempted by the Baking Frenzy post and I did it! Munched, munched, munched! Great party foods--cake, and friands (I don't know her recipe, but there's one at this link).

Melissa tantalizes us with Reducipe - The “Weeknight” Taco from at A Penny Closer. The photos are fantastic, and this recipe would be great for letting guests make their own tacos.

Veteran Military Wife presents I'm Having People Over for Dinner...Am I Nuts? at Life Lessons of a Military Wife. There are a lot of great food ideas and more here! She says, "Never panic again when having people over for a meal!"

GP at InnStyle Montana - Come on Inn! presents Getting Grounded and Green. "All kinds of things to be made with . . . coffee grounds." Here's one tip from her post that could come in handy when cleaning up the house for guests--"Furniture scratch cover-up. Steep grounds and apply a bit of the liquid to furniture scratches with a Q-tip."

Laura serves up some Vegetable Dip at Laura Williams' Musings. She says, "My daughter and I get raves from our friends when we bring this recipe to any party. We even have requests to make this and bring it with us. The dip is great for veggies as well as chips."

Kelly at Modern June has been nominated for an entry in this week's MIFS, for her Puppets for my little puppets! post. They are really cute, and look pretty straight-forward to make. I hope. :) They'd make great gifts or even party favors, depending on the age of the birthday child.

Moxie shows us several Make-do Pet Toys at She Has Moxie. Great ideas--hey, how about a party for cats?

delilah presents My First Quilt at junky love in freehand. I love quilts, but I've never tried to make one someone might actually use. This looks simple enough, though . . .

Cindy at My Recycled Bags has shared with us: "my recycled denim jean bag. I made it using just a pant leg and lined it with a piece of fabric from some old curtains," at Recycled Denim Jean Bag. She says, "I added some denim pockets and it's a great little bag created from some old jeans that were worn out." Great craft for a sleep-over, when you have more time.

Andrew at Buffalo Buffet was nominated for his "Exploiting our fruit: exploring clafoutis" post. His blog is quite a feast for the hungry! And the recipe for this wonderful dessert can be found at the article he wrote for the Buffalo News. It would make an unusual, but really tasty, birthday cake!

Amy Allen Clark presents Perfectly Pantry: Oatmeal Waffles at Amy Allen Clark. It's always great to have something yummy for breakfast if your party's a sleepover!

joanie at Nini Makes presents us with a Quick apron for a little cook. Joanie says, "An easy apron that's quick to make as a gift for a child." Lots of ways to personalize this apron, and if you're having a cooking-themed party, why not make one for each child? For that matter, you could do this for adults, too. [One year my husband's siblings (8 total!) had a cookie-decorating party, and as we arrived at the host's house, we were each presented with a chef's apron with our name on it. Very cool!]

Mel presents Shaggy Ink Cap at Bean-Sprouts. She says, "I've made omelette before, of course, but never with wild mushrooms I'd picked myself. My husband seemed very surprised when I didn't die... " How can you resist reading this entry?

Stephanie presents a Do It Yourself Basket Planter at Stop the Ride! You could make one to bring as a housewarming gift.

And my entry is a Banana Bread Recipe my daughter and I tried. Interestingly, we have once again 3 rather ripe bananas waiting on the counter for us.

I came across this tasty recipe at macerating shallots. The post is Jay's Amazing Curried Chicken. And the story is great, too!

More great meals--StarXLR8 presents Enchiladas Verdes at midwest neurotica.

And finally, from How To Me, we have How To Make a Deodorizer Spray (guest submission), which ought to come in handy both before and after the party!

Don't forget to send in your articles for next week's MIFS! Nini Makes will be hosting the 35th carnival. Use this form to send submissions.

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Stephanie said...

A wonderful job! Thank you!

Joanna said...

Thanks so much for hosting! And, I hope your party goes well! ;-)

Melanie Rimmer said...

Great job hosting the carnival, Silvia, and thanks for including my entry. I'm still not dead, by the way.

delilah said...

Great job. I forgot about the party theme quilt was a "birth" day gift!

HowToMe said...

Thank you for throwing such a fun party! :-D

Kelly McCants said...


What a fantastic idea, you are so right the puppets would make great gifts, and they are so easy that you could use them as party favors! I love it!

Thanks for the kudos!

joanie said...

Oops, didn't realize there was a party theme either, great job tying mine into the theme Sylvia!

RecycleCindy said...

It's another wonderful week of MIFS projects and ideas. Thank you for hosting this week. Great Job!

Silvia said...

No problem on the posts that didn't have a party aspect. I was just hoping to get a few, and got more than I'd hoped for! Thanks to everyone who participated!

Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings said...

Lots of great party ideas!! Thanks for hosting Silvia!

Melissa said...

You did a really good job hosting the carnival this week. Thanks so much for including my post!