Monday, October 15, 2007

Unschooling Voices Carnival to Resume

Many of us heard from Joanne recently about the Unschooling Voices carnival. She said:

I'm looking forward to getting Unschooling Voices back up and running. In keeping with the timeline of past editions of the first of the month, as of right now, I'm hoping for November 1. I was going to try for Oct. 1 but wasn't able to make the deadline. We're up to issue #10 and the question for that issue is located here:

All the details and information regarding Unschooling Voices can be found on that page, including links to issues 1-9. If you have a blog or website, please share that link so others will find out about it.

So keep sending in those submissions. At last count, I think I received 32 so far and they will ALL be included in the next edition.

If you're interested in the topic for this one:
Issue #10--Two questions again - please remember they're always optional. First, what advice would you have given to yourself early in your unschooling journey?Second, ask your kids to take pictures of their favorite ________ (favorite whatever; person, place, thing, etc). Don't forget to share them on our flickr group.

I'm looking forward to this one--it should be great!

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