Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What They've Been up to Today

Emily spent the night with Nonna, because she'd bought some wool at last weekend's Fall Fiber Festival and Sheepdog Trials in Montpelier and wanted to knit socks with it. I am not a knitter. I can cross-stitch, sew clothing and other stuff from a pattern, fold origami, make macrame jewelry, among other crafty stuff, but I do not knit. I plan to learn, soon, especially because so many of my friends seem to get so much pleasure from knitting.

So in the meantime, Emily knows to ask Nonna when she needs help with knitting. She hasn't been knitting long, but really wants to make these bright green socks. Here she is working on it at my mom's:

And there's a catalog/website that sells knitting stuff, but it also has a ton of free patterns. I'm going to start with a felted clutch. I like the design of the smaller one, and I'm going to use a different yarn color. You knit it first and then felt it. Looked simple enough. I hope!

And this is what Thomas was doing with me this morning: Thomas got a cool kit for his birthday, to make some weird and wonderful goos and slimes, and we went with the first one listed.

Looks like something I'd rather not mention on my blog!

Add a lot of food color and this is what you get!

Looks yummy! NOT!

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