Sunday, November 18, 2007

Best Day Hunting Ever

Eddie went deer hunting yesterday for the first day of rifle season and came back with two bucks. He shot a 10 point buck around 8:30am. The span between its antlers was about 18 inches. It weighed about 110 lbs dressed. He says this was in his top ten best days ever in his life, and his best hunting day ever, and he's been hunting since he was a teen. He doesn't shoot for trophies, but I can't blame him for enjoying this one.

When Eddie called to let me know he was on his way home, he said to make room on the wall for the head. I'm really not looking forward to having a dead deer looking at me, so I think it's going to have to go in his office. Anyone know of a good taxidermist in the area?
He shot the second around 2:30pm--that's him on the left, 4 points, but three are on one antler. Poor thing. They're both hanging in the workshop now. We have a lot of work to do!

Nute was most appreciative of the foreleg from the smaller buck that Thomas handed him.
Eddie said that if he hadn't had the 4-wheeler we just purchased, he wouldn't have gone as high up on the mountain and wouldn't have shot the deer. Even if he'd seen it, it would have killed him to drag it down the mountain. Sweet revenge, I supposed. ;)

So, if you do know of a good taxidermist in or near Albemarle County, please leave me a comment with some contact info.

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Kush said...

Congrats on the deer! Rifle season starts tomorrow here (Maryland).