Thursday, November 15, 2007

Carnival Time

For your reading pleasure:

At the Nerd Family, we have the Homeschooling Carnival: I am Thankful Edition:

Welcome everyone to this week's Homeschooling Carnival. In honor of the nearing Thanksgiving holiday I have decided I should go over some of the many nerdy things I am thankful for. We have many delightful entries into this week's carnival so let us jump right in!
My entry is the funny t-shirt.

Next up is the Make it from scratch! carnival over at Laura Williams' Musings: Carnival #39:

Still have a few Fall pumpkins around? Well this week, a few carnival goers have a few tricks up their sleeves and in their pots this week. They show us what to use noodles .... er ... I mean our pumpkins for.
I entered the pumpkin roll and the valance for this carnival. I really liked the Firestarters entry.

And Edspresso has the current Carnival of Education: #145 with a Jeopardy theme:

Welcome to Edspresso's first foray onto the Education Carnival Midway. With apologies to Alex Trebek (my mom's favorite TV celebrity, but that's a story for another time), and a nod to the good efforts of dedicated educators and reformers to keep kids out of academic jeopardy, The Answer Is:
There are several articles from homeschoolers' blogs this week.

The 15th Carnival of Principled Government is at Principled Discovery.
Welcome to the “My Internet Crashed at Midnight and This is as Much as I Could Remember of it” Carnival of Principled Government. This is a monthly carnival, intended to promote discussion on America’s founding principles.
I entered the Arin Sime video.

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