Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hobbytown USA Info and Sale

I just got back with the kids from Hobbytown USA in Charlottesville. Thomas is really interested in getting an R/C airplane, so we went to see what they had to recommend. We found one that looks perfect for him, I think this is the one, but I'm not positive. We're probably going to wait to get it until the holidays. At any rate, the owner mentioned to me that they have a special running till the end of the month on the Animal Creation Station--it's similar to the Build-a-Bear idea. The special is any bear plus any one outfit for $15. If you have questions, their number is 434-244-6000, and they're in the Seminole Square Shopping Center.

They have quite a few jigsaw puzzles, model car kits, model railroad stuff, R/C cars, planes, helicopters and even a boat. I saw some model rockets and accessories there also. They have a dirt track in the back where they will test out the R/C cars--we're planning to go sometime soon to see them do that. And they also said they can test out an R/C airplane, and help beginners with learning to fly them. It just can't be a day with much wind. Dave, Mark or Mike are the ones to talk to about the R/C stuff.

The owner also told me that they can go to group events and demonstrate the planes and other things. I didn't get all the details on that, but if you're interested, give them a call.

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Shawn said...

I'm afraid to let my boys even close to Hobbytown. They're model train nuts. Doesn't matter if it's Thomas the Tank Engine or what, if its a train, they want it. I'm scared to think what they'd be like if they saw everything else available. :O