Saturday, November 24, 2007

Homegrown Luffa Sponge

I thought I'd share how my luffas turned out, since I was so excited to chart their progress over the late summer. I started peeling the skin off the plant here:

This is it with most of the pulp and seeds squeezed and rinsed out of it:
This is not the same one I was working on above, but this is a dried luffa, with some seeds still stuck in it:
And this is a cross-section view:
I didn't bleach this one, but I read that if any have discoloration, you can do that to whiten them. Warning: If you leave a mostly cleaned but still wet luffa on a towel overnight, hoping it will dry, it will get moldy. Oh well. I've got several other plants to try to turn into usable sponges. :)

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