Friday, November 23, 2007

Lots of Eggs

On another food note, our hens are laying lots of eggs! Despite the colder weather and shorter days, we seem to get more eggs almost every day, not fewer. Yesterday we collected 22, the most so far with the new hens laying, too.

Hens need about 16 hrs of sunlight to keep at peak egg production, and so we have two lights in the coops that are set to timers. They go on around 6pm and off at 11pm. We just switched to the compact flourescents because the 60 watt incandescents seemed to be burning out more quickly than they should have been. Eddie thinks it's because of the vibration from the door to the coop slamming shut, weakening the filament. These shouldn't have that problem.

They also lay better when the temperature is between 45 and 80 deg F, but we're not going to insulate and heat the coop!

We have a web cam in one of the coops. This shot was just taken a few minutes ago. Some hens are roosting, and others are eating, below them.

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Hope said...

Been banging around on a couple of your blogs. Us homeschoolers are an interesting lot aren't we? ;)Congrats to your dh for the good hunting.

Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings said...

I just love farm fresh eggs. We have only three chickens now. We used to have a little over 40... mostly hens and about three roosters.

Come spring, I hope to get some more hens.

Silvia said...

Hope--yes, we sure are. :) And DH got another 8 point buck today!

Laura--I'm hoping to get a hen to sit on some eggs for us this spring. Should be interesting. :)