Tuesday, November 13, 2007

More Horrible Books and Magazines from Ray

Got this email from Ray and thought I'd pass the info on to anyone interested placing an order next time.

Hi, All Horriblers,

All of the "Just Galore Park Books Orders" were mailed on Saturday, October 27, 2007. The Galore Park Books were super speedy this time, and the Horrible Books have been surprisingly slow. The Horrible Books should arrive any day now, because (besides being 3 weeks late) on November 1st, I got this message from Scholastic UK : "Your recent order has been processed and is ready for dispatch, there are 9 parcels." Assuming the Horrible Books arrive Monday or Tuesday, I'll get all the Galorrible Books in the mail to you on Wednesday, November 14th, which will put them behind schedule for East Coasters. I'm bummed about the delay, too, and I'm going to have a little talk with the Loathsome Londoners! :)

Also, I'll be doing a November 25, 2007 25%-Off Horrible / Galore Park / Del Sol Books Order for post-Christmas delivery (a new concept :). This will include the usual Horrible Books, Galore Park Books, as well as Del Sol Books, and very probably Horrible Magazines from Eagle Moss! All at 25%-Off! And using the favorable 2-1 British Exchange Rate one last time! And the same $7 Shipping Total!

The Del Sol Books are the Spanish, English, and Bilingual elementary-aged Books written by my aunt, Alma Flor Ada, and F. Isabel Campoy, with accompanying music by Suni Paz. I will offer these at 25%-Off to Horrible Customers. :) For the Horrible Magazines, I still have to get final confirmation, but I believe we'll be able to get the first 3 issues of the Horrible Science Magazines and the first 3 issues of the Horrible Histories Magazines at 25%-Off for about $20 :

Horrible Science Magazine : Beastly Body Bits
Horrible Science Magazine : Chemical Chaos
Horrible Science Magazine : Smashing Solar System
Horrible Histories Magazine : The Gory Glory of Rome
Horrible Histories Magazine : Horrible Henry
Horrible Histories Magazine : MummyMan

Then for the January 27, 2008 Order, we'll get the next 3 issues of each, and for the April 6, 2008 Order, we'll get the next 3 issues of each, until we get up to all 80 issues. That's the tentative plan, and I'll let you know.

So, if any of this interests you, just email me on or before November 25, 2007.

Thanks, and all the best,
Horrible Ray :)

Horrible Books
6574 Edmonton Avenue,
San Diego, CA 92122
Tel : 858-202-0235
Fax : 858-202-0265
ray@horriblebooks.com http://www.horriblebooks.com/

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jugglingpaynes said...

Wow! This is great! We are Horrible History fans. I didn't know we could even get the magazines in the US. Now to see if I can afford them...

I enjoyed reading some of your posts. I'm a Monty Python fan too, your post about Monty Python and the Holy Grail was great! I've had a similar response from my kids. If you ever get the chance, you should see Spamalot.

Peace and Laughter,