Saturday, November 17, 2007

November Chicken Pictures

I haven't posted any pictures of our chickens in about a month, so here is what they've been up to:

We have the chickens mixed together now, and are keeping one rooster and about 16 hens on each side. We let them out of the penned area on alternate days. Otherwise the partridge cochin rooster won't leave the coop. I guess the cuckoo maran told him who's boss!
Here's the cuckoo maran's flock. If we'd had a hen of this breed, the eggs would have looked like these--very cool!

Doing his rooster wing-flap thing.

This is Mumble, the cochin rooster.

And of course I have to include a picture of Creampuff. She just stays in her little fenced area now, even though the gate is always open into the larger penned yard. The other hens will go in her area and eat from her feeder but are not plucking her head feathers anymore. Yeah!

Two of our light brahmas.

These girls are cleaning up some sunflower seeds from the bird feeder hanging up on the back deck.

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Kelly McCants said...

Oh I love chickens!

guess what you won a stocking in the Friday Freebie!

I squealed when Aidan picked your name!