Thursday, November 01, 2007

Unschooling Voices is Back!

From Joanne's page:

Welcome to Unschooling Voices #10!

I think more than any other edition, this one refects a lot of variation in unschooling. You'll read posts from families that are new to unschooling and some from seasoned veterans as well as families who have unschooling days and those who have unschooling lives.

This edition had 24 participants and 32 submissions. Click on the blog links, stop by and say hello to your fellow unschooling families. Let them know you found them through Unschooling Voices.

The next edition will be out on Saturday, December 1. Spread The Word!! I do my best to promote the carnival and you can help by using the technorati tag unschooling voices or unschoolingvoices and by placing a link on your blog or website. If you want to place a link to the main page (where all the details and past editions can be found), use the main Unschooling Voices link or you can just link to this edition. This blog is a Do Follow Blog.

There's a lot to read!

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Dana said...

Cool! But you'll still participate in the COH, won't you? 'Cause I'm hosting and need some entries. : )