Sunday, November 11, 2007

What to do When Your Kid Wants a Cell Phone?

My daughter will be 11 this month and has been mentioning for the last several months that she wants a cell phone. I'm not sure what to do at this point. I have no cell reception at my house, so she wouldn't be able to use it here, plus there's the house phone to use. When we go into town, it's often to meet with a friend or more, so who's she going to call? Plus she can use my cell whenever she wants to.

I realize it's not about the practicality of cell-phone ownership. It's more than that. And now one of her friends has called to say she got a cell phone. So the pressure is really on. We could add her to our plan for another $10 a month, but she'd still need to buy a phone. And I don't know if we'd be tied to keeping her on the plan for a period of time or could drop her if she realized it wasn't worth having. I'm adding a poll to my blog for a few days to see what people think.

I should also add that it isn't about security yet, because I don't drop her off somewhere and wait to hear when I need to come get her. She doesn't roam the mall with friends (yet) and as homeschoolers, I'm the one taking her to activities and know when scouts or classes are over, and am generally there the whole time anyway.

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piscesgrrl said...

I voted! Yes, my 15 yr old recently got his first phone but it came up because he is now in school! And it quickly became apparent it would make our lives so much easier. I will also admit that I will sometimes call him from upstairs when he is downstairs. :) Like when i was sick and needed tea. LOL I also texted him every day while gone on vacation and when I returned he said, "How could I miss you when I got a text every single hour?" But I digress.

We pay. It's pretty inexpensive b/c we just added him to my plan for an extra $10.