Friday, December 28, 2007

The Best Pears Ever

Eddie prefers pears to apples (I'm the opposite), and last year for a birthday gift (his birthday's in January), my brother and his family sent him a box of pears from Harry & David.

And not just any pears, Royal Riviera Pears. "So big and juicy, you eat them with a spoon (R)." From the site:

To taste this remarkable fruit is to enjoy a rare gourmet experience: A timeless flavor and texture that have remained unchanged for more than 150 years. Rich, creamy, luscious — and an excellent source of fiber and other valuable nutrients.

So this year, they got them for him for Christmas.

He really loves these pears! And I have to admit that they are really delicious, and you can eat them with a spoon, although I prefer not to. And now they're all gone!

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