Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Carnival of Homeschooling at the Common Room

The latest carnival is at the Common Room.

Third order of business: my ‘theme.’ Well, I had one. It wasn’t working. At the last moment I had to scrap it. I was hunting about for something else to try when Henry sent me the wrap up message. At the close of the carnival he stops the forwarding of blog entries to the host’s address (and this is why, dear procrastinators, some of you feel slighted when your post doesn’t go in the carnival. It gets forwarded to the host after the deadline, and the new host never even sees it). He also sends a handy little tool consisting of an alphabetized list of posts so you can check to make sure you have them all. The alphabetizing is odd, because it’s based on the name of the submitter, but I saw that and said aha and here we are- the abecedarian version of the carnival.
I'll be hosting the next carnival, #104--it will not come out on Tuesday, Christmas Day, but on Wednesday the 26th. I have a theme in mind, but of course I'll still accept posts that aren't on topic as well.

I'd love to have stories or examples which show how homeschooling brings your family closer--nuclear and/or extended. What does homeschooling (not being tied to a school schedule, etc) make possible for your family that you'd miss out on otherwise? Maybe look back on your last 12 months of homeschooling, or even if you're a new homeschooler and started in September, and start thinking about what you'd like to tell us. I'd love posts with photos, too!

If you have other topics you'd like to submit, that's great, too. Please use the Blogcarnival form to send in submissions, or use this email address: CarnivalOfHomeschooling at gmail.com. Please spread the word. See you next week!

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