Monday, December 31, 2007

Coffee Cans

We have a ton of the small coffee cans (8.8 oz), and Eddie uses some in his shop to keep nails and other small parts organized. But, we still have lots to go around, and will always have a steady stream of them as we enjoy our espresso coffees. I found one site that lists some ways to use them, at Reader's Digest. And Thrifty Fun allows people to contribute ideas.

I like the one idea for storing string:

I made a scissors/string kit with one of my [plastic] coffee containers. I just cut one small hole in top for the string to come through and another larger hole for the scissors to rest in, small enough that the handles of the scissors still are accessible.

That would work great for my hemp, too, to keep things from getting unraveled the wrong way. And this idea came from Homespun Hideaway:

I take small and large coffee cans and add a handle on the side, the kind you use like to open cupboard doors (the cheap ones). Well once added to the coffee can I use them as a kind of scoop for dog food.

I wouldn't have thought to add a handle. It would be good for the big bags of bird seed, as well.

And from

Wind Protectant
Use a coffee can to protect young plants from the wind or other weather conditions. Using a can opener remove the bottom of the can. Place the can over the plant being sure to push it into the dirt to hold it in place. Keep your eye on the plant so that the coffee can can be removed as the plant grows. You don't want to damage the plant because the coffee can is stuck around it.

From Personal Finance Budgeting: Waste Not Wednesday, an idea for old garden hose caught my eye:

Garden hose:

Cover swing set chains. Protect saw blades or ice skate blades (slit lengthwise and fit over saw or skate blade). Make a play phone from a cut piece with funnels (or cans) attached to each end.

I'm still looking for more ideas, though. Especially things that my kids can do with them. I remember making "stilts" out of large cans and rope, and then there's the "telephone" with two cans and string. What have you done with them? If you have ideas or links to other sites, please share them!

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Mary said...

Taking two large coffee cans, with both the top and bottom removed, you can have the Son-Who-Is-Learning-To-Weld connect them in the middle and have a great charcoal lighting gadget for the grill.