Thursday, December 27, 2007

Help Identify this Bird

I realize these are terrible-quality pictures, but I was trying not to disturb the bird. Some sort of hawk, I think. It comes to feed on the birds that come to my parents' many birdfeeders. Smart bird! It's standing on the top rail of the fence in the last picture. If you click on them, you'll be able to see a larger image. My best guess is that it's either a Cooper's hawk or a sharp-shinned hawk. The pictures were taken in Charlottesville, VA, in a residential neighborhood, if that helps at all!

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noflickster said...

Having spent some time recently thumbing through Brian Wheeler's "Raptor Guide for Eastern North America" to figure out which was in my yard, a Sharpie or Cooper's, I'll take a stab at your bird: this bird looks like a Cooper's Hawk. The relatively long tail, the thick legs, and an overall heavier look aren't right for a Sharpie. I will be interested in what others conclude. One of the great ID challenges for bird watchers everywhere!

BTW, compared to the photos I'm taking, these are great!


Silvia said...

Thanks for stopping by and trying to id the bird!