Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Holiday Decorating Problem

Since we are still, always, without end, remodeling things both inside and outside the house, we've got partial projects that won't be finished till we get to the "right" time to finish them (when Eddie thinks it makes sense, in other words).

One example is the door we want to put in the walk-out basement living room. When we re-framed all the basement walls, we put in the frame for the door. We're just not ready to put the door in. So this is what it looks like most of the time:
The problem is that this is the best location to put the Christmas tree, and I didn't want cinder block and wood framing in all the pictures we take of the tree and the kids opening presents and all that. So this is how I (temporarily) have fixed it:
I'll still know what's behind the paper, but at least I can imagine it's really just a decorating thing the kids came up with. :) They did hang all the stockings with push-pins on the wall, even though we have a perfectly good mantle upstairs.

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