Friday, December 21, 2007

Homeschool Family Loses Dairy Barn in Fire

An Albemarle County homeschool family lost their entire milking facility in a fire on Wednesday, December 19th. I received this information from a member of VICFA, for which Kathryn Russell is a board member, about the situation:

No people were hurt, but the barn was lost, along with two baby goats and some poultry. Also lost was the milking machine and all of her milking equipment and supplies; several freezers of meat, butter and cheese; two refrigerators for holding milk-share owners' milk; some square bales; the pressure tank for the automatic livestock waterer system; many other pieces of equipment; irreplaceable personal possessions in the loft storage area; other stored food, and more.

I've been to Kathryn's farm several times, and many families in the local homeschooling community have milk shares with her. Her farm is called Majesty Farm: Providing Foods for the Family from a perspective of sustainable local agriculture.

This is the link to the article in the Daily Progress about the fire--damages are estimated at $75,000.

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