Saturday, December 15, 2007

Luckiest Raccoon in Earlysville

I just came in from collecting the eggs--it's pouring out and almost didn't go. Good thing I did. There was a raccoon sitting in one of the nest boxes! I thought, since all I could see were feet/paws and fur, that it was a possum, because it was grey. I thought raccoons looked more brown. Learn something new everyday! The chickens weren't disturbed by it, and we won't know till tomorrow if it actually killed any of them in the chicken yard or our backyard earlier in the day. He or she was very dry-looking, so I imagine it had been in the coop for a while.

I ran back up to the house and told Eddie, who brought a shotgun with him. But I really didn't want him shooting the raccoon inside the hen house. It probably would have put holes in the roof or something. And the kids didn't want the raccoon killed at all. So I convinced him to just open the door to the nest boxes and try to catch it with a net, which he did. Then he pulled him with the net to the door and the lucky guy ran off.

I wonder how many eggs he ate before being evicted!

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