Saturday, December 29, 2007

Some Nature in our Yard

There were a lot of birds at the feeders this morning. One infrequent guest is a red-bellied woodpecker.
We also had a lot of finches today and some cardinals.
Emily went to check the mail and this raccoon was waiting for her. The dog went nuts, but fortunately was on a leash. She ran in to tell me and I grabbed my camera.

This guy is big--a lot bigger than that one from the chicken coop.

He kept climbing higher in the tree and swishing his tail. I couldn't tell if it was going to jump or what.

See the tail?

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Homestead Mama said...

Oh my goodness! The cridders are coming out of the woodwork at your place today!

Silvia said...

I've been enjoying the squirrels that I see from my new office location. :) There were at least four in my view, plaing in the leaves and running around on the grass. They eat acorns on the top of our fence gates--the wood boards are flat there. Funny creatures! Hard to get a picture, though.