Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Some Poetry Resources for Writers

This just came up on a statewide homeschool list. A parent was interested in finding resources to help her older child who loves writing poetry. Some of the ideas given by list members were:

  • The Poetry Society of Virginia: Founded at the College of William and Mary in 1923, the Poetry Society of Virginia is the second oldest State Poetry organization in the nation. The PSV has 400 members from all areas of the Commonwealth, as well as members from other States.

  • They also have a contest for 2008--
    The Poetry Society of Virginia's Annual Student Contest is open to all students, grades 1 to 12 and college undergraduates. Submissions must be postmarked by Saturday, January 19, 2008 (Edgar Allen Poe's birthday). Last year nine Virginia homeschoolers won awards and the Poetry Society is looking forward to continuing to "receive poems from these creative students". (From VaHomeschoolers' Out and About November e-newsletter.)
  • Poets.org from the Academy of American Poets. Their educators' page has a lot of information and resources.
Feel free to leave more resources in the comments section.

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