Friday, December 07, 2007

Story of a Man and a Rutabaga

There once was a man who was going to prepare dinner. He had a great recipe for herb roasted chicken and veggies, including turnips and rutabaga. And lots of garlic. The man was trying to peel the rutabaga:
The peeler got stuck on a piece of peel and the rutabaga started spinning in the man's hand, until the peeler came free and almost sliced off the end of the man's finger:

He swore mightily. His son thought the man had cut off the end of his finger. The woman was not home. The man bandaged his bleeding finger and continued with dinner. When the woman got home, dinner was ready and delicious, although the rutabaga needed to be cooked a lot longer, but that's beside the point.

The woman told the man he should get stitches. But it was night-time and his finger was bandaged, so he didn't. In the morning the man changed his bandage and his finger was still bleeding a bit. So the woman called the doctor and got him an appointment for early that morning.

The man had three stitches put in to help the cut heal faster. The doctor said the part that was going to hurt the most was pulling open the wound to clean it, because some had started to heal deep in the cut. The man concurred.

The woman is glad she wasn't home to see the blood right before dinner.

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piscesgrrl said...

Ok, now, listen. You can't draw me in with the beginning of a delightful little rutabaga story and then show me that nasty finger! OUCH! Made my stomach do a loop-de-loop! And then another when the doc had to open it up more. Double-ug!

Maybe the meal tasted better with a dash of blood? :)

So was there a recipe in there somewhere? I'm gonna look for a link now! Cuz you owe me at least that. :)

Silvia said...

Ok, ok. Sorry about the finger. :) I'll post the recipe. Did I ever mention the time the same man nearly cut off his leg with a chain saw? That was really pretty, and he didn't go to the dr till 2 days later, so it was too late for stitches. He's got a nice scar. But the dr said he'd done a good job with it. That only encourages him!