Wednesday, December 12, 2007

This Week's Carnivals

The 16th Carnival of Principled Government is being hosted at Life Nurturing Education.

The following posts are written by various bloggers who share their perspective on the essential ideas of liberty. Please pour yourself a cup of tea and take a break from holiday preparations to read some of these thoughtful submissions.

Dewey's Treehouse does a great job with the 101st Carnival of Homeschooling: Snowed-In Edition.
This comes with a bonus: eleven cold and snowy excerpts from children's books--without authors or titles. Can you name the books?

The Fortnight 'Til Christmas edition of the Carnival of Education is over at The Colossus of Rhodey.

The Carnival of the Recipes Holiday Gift Giving Edition is ready for your perusal.

As the holidays near, it is time to think about gift giving. If you are like me, home-made gifts strike your fancy. I love being able to give gifts in a jar to all my neighbors and co-workers.

This year, I gave Chicken Soup in a Jar. (Last year, I did Potato Soup in a Jar). In a time of rampant commercialism, homemade gifts add thought and care back into holiday gifts and often help our bottom line (that checkbook!).

We also need more recipes as the number of parties we have to bring food to increase and we are looking for something new to impress our friends (or co-workers or bosses) with. Making your party offerings yourself often make the choices better and cheaper!

Enjoy all these holiday gift and recipe ideas from your blogging friends!

Tangled Bank #94 is at Life before death.
Welcome to Tangled Bank #94! My name is Felicia and this is my blog, Life before death, in which I write about secularism, science and bees, with the occasional digression into other things. . . But now, without further ado, let’s get on with the carnival!

This week's edition of Make it from Scratch! is up and running. Full of ideas for Christmas. Go check it out.

The 18th Festival of the Trees, or November Arborea is hosted at Riverside Rambles.
It’s difficult to ignore trees in November for those of us who dwell in temperate climes. Leaves colorfully clamor for our attention and as they fall the branching structure of our woody neighbors becomes visible once again. I’ve received many links to a wide variety of tree-related posts for this month’s festival — without further wordy ado, here they are.

I and the Bird #63, the Thanksgiving Edition, is hosted at The Greenbelt.
When you go birding, you're never sure what's going to happen. Maybe you'll see the same birds you see every day. Not that that's a bad thing; I doubt there've been three days in a row in my life when I haven't seen a mockingbird (not counting when I was in Europe), but I still love to see them. Maybe you'll see the seasonal birds, who stick around all winter like the juncos I love, or all summer, like the geese who raise their babies at the pond. Maybe you see a transient who has no real business being here at all - how exciting is that? Or maybe he's not out of place, just hard to find - that can be the most exciting of all. But whatever you see, seeing anything is a lift to the spirit.

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