Sunday, December 30, 2007

Uses for Small Pool Tables

The kids got this 5-in-1 game table last year for Christmas. They use it off and on. It has pool, air hockey, foosball, ping-pong, and even basketball--just shooting into a net. They hadn't used it in about a month--it was more of a table for "stuff" for a while there. Then we cleared it off and they started playing pool. They also like the foosball and air hockey. Anyway, I digress. In addition to all those fun games, this table has more uses!

For example, you can stage battles [ok, I had fun recreating this, because the kids wouldn't let me take a picture while they were playing; but really, this is what they were using it for!]: Thomas got the red two-headed dragon for xmas, as well as the pirate's horse.

We found out that it also makes a decent game table if, for example, you're trying to play Settlers of Catan (because Lissa recommended it so we finally got it for xmas) on the floor and the dog keeps trying to run across all those nice tiles. [I do wish I'd known there was a new 4th edition! It looks like there's a base to put the tiles into.] The felt of the pool table keeps things in place pretty well. Not to mention that the dog can't reach unless he puts his paws up, which he hasn't done so far. The table is a bit narrow, but everything fits. Just watch out for those side pockets!

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