Monday, January 07, 2008

The 8th Learning in the Great Outdoors

Terrell presents Learning in the Great Outdoors - January 2008 - #8 at his blog Alone on a Limb. He says:

Learning in the Great Outdoors is intended as a trading center for those who use, or want to use, the environment as an integrating context for learning. If you are a teacher, a nature center educator or naturalist, a homeschooler who wants to use the environment in your studies, an amateur or professional botanist or zoologist or geologist or other science buff, a parent, a student --- anyone with an interest in sharing the environment with children, please join us!

As the Grand Poohbah of this carnival I’d like to start the new year with an invitation to our readers: Put in your name as a host for a future edition. I will count this effort a success when it becomes self-perpetuating.
If you're interested in hosting, email him at thelimb[at]mac[dot]com.

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