Thursday, January 03, 2008

Blog Carnival Roundup

I've already posted about the Carnival of Homeschooling, but here are some more carnivals of interest:

152nd Carnival of Education is hosted by Joel at So You Want to Teach?. "Welcome to the January 2, 2008 edition of The Carnival of Education. I have been asked to host this party, so fasten your seat belts, tighten your shoelaces, batten down the hatches, and let the good times roll. How’s that for a cliché riddled sentence?"

Make it from scratch! --#45 is hosted by Joanna at Keeping Feet. "Welcome to the first Make It From Scratch carnival of 2008!It seems the Make It From Scratch community is looking to make some resolutions for the coming year..."

Festival of Trees #13 is hosted by Lorainne at Hoarded Ordinaries. "It’s a New Year, so what better way to celebrate the 19th edition of the Festival of the Trees than by looking back on the trees that were."

Carnival of the Recipes #175: New-Year's-Traditions-and-Treats Edition. "Auld acquaintances never forget great cooks, and Bill at World Famous Recipes has gathered recipes to make your 2008 delicious."

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