Thursday, January 31, 2008

Carpe Donut has a Website

I am so excited to see my donut-making friends' new website. You may recall my mentioning their donuts in a post this summer. (I know I do!) Maybe you remember this picture?

Anyway, their website is Carpe Donut, and you can read all about their wonderfully delicious donuts there. Here's a sneak peak:

Once upon a time (July 2007 to be exact), two donut-loving fools decided that the people of Charlottesville, Va. needed a source for hot fresh donuts made from scratch with fresh organic ingredients. "I wanted to make and offer to the public one extremely well-made food. The culinary equivalent of crack cocaine," says donut peddler Matt Rohdie.

He and wife Jen Downey, along with many self-sacrificing friends, relatives, and their dutiful children, embarked on a recipe-testing journey that turned the family kitchen into a flour-strewn, vanilla-clouded laboratory, and yielded at last the Donut that demanded to meet the public. Carpe Donut indeed!! Tender and steamy on the inside...slightly crisped on the outside.....dusted with crunchy melty cinnamon sugar.....and infused with the mellow sweetness of apple cider. With the help of 1950s era technology in the shape of the mighty Donut Robot, we were ready to get rolling.

I am happy and proud to say that I was one of those self-sacrificing friends who had to try several recipes one rainy, windy day, just before their first fair appearance. :) Boy was that hard work! They just kept shoving donuts in our faces and forcing us to eat them--while they were still hot! And the hot chocolate, too! Even my children were making these sacrifices. The things I will do for my friends.

That little red wagon is just the cutest thing, too. And easy to spot at, say, the Fall Fiber Festival in Montpelier, or anywhere there are many food vendors trying to persuade you to try their food. Don't let them tempt you--just head for the little red wagon, Gypsy. You won't be disappointed.

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