Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Current Carnivals and Future Listings

The Carnival of Homeschooling: The Rhythm Method is over at Red Sea School:

“Rhythm is something you either have or don’t have, but when you have it, you have it all over.” — Elvis Presley

Actually, I don’t, much of the time. I don’t mean musically — I do OK in that department. I mean giving a sense of rhythm to our days. That’s why this week I’m eager to learn at the feet of homeschoolers who have a good sense of rhythm and have learned to use that beat to carry them through their homeschooling.
It’s a work-in-progress, especially since one of the best things about homeschool is that you don’t have to have a rigid, classroom-style schedule. You can figure it out as you go.

Make it from scratch! --#46 is hosted at The Common Room. "Welcome to the January 8th edition of the Make It From Scratch blog carnival. We have a variety of fun, interesting, clever, tasty, and just kind of odd (and I am not telling which is which) things you, too, can make at home. Read on...." My entry is Easy Scoop for Feed, posted over at my other blog, Casa in Costruzione.

History Carnival #60 is over at The Victorian Peeper

Here is a list of future carnivals--there's still time to send in your own article for most of them:
That's all for now!

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