Thursday, January 31, 2008

Earlysville News--the Sunrise Cafe

I hadn't been eating at Sal's Pizza very much, and earlier in the fall discovered that they were actually closed and had been renovating. Well, I'm not sure when they re-opened, but Sal is still there (he's actually a real Italian!) and his new restaurant is called the Sunrise Cafe. And they deliver. That doesn't happen much, if at all, in my neck of the woods. I heard they'll deliver within 15 minutes of the store, in the Earlysville shopping center (ok, gotta snicker that it could even be called that, but I do love living out here). [Updates: I spoke with Sal today and got clarification on the delivery area: he said within 5 miles, so call first to be sure.]

So here's the scoop: Delivery hours are 4:30 to 10:00pm, with a minimum order of $15. Call them at 434-973-5777. They're still selling pizzas, plus about 9 different 8" subs, a few salads, and some appetizers. A medium cheese pizza (14", 8 slices) costs $10.95, and the large (16", 8 slices) is $11.95. For a dollar more, who's going to buy the medium? White pizzas are available as well as a wide variety of toppings, including pesto, ricotta, bacon, and anchovies. [Another update: they're running a special for the delivery items--10% off your order, but you can't combine it with other specials they may be running.]

I had another menu that showed the breakfast options, but somehow misplaced it on my extremely tidy desk. When I get another copy, I'll fill you in on the rest. :)

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