Monday, January 07, 2008

Look Me in the Eye: My Life with Asperger's

About the book:

Look Me in the Eye is about growing up with Asperger’s syndrome — a high functioning form of autism — overcoming my limitations, and ultimately becoming a successful adult.

It’s a lonely story at first, because I didn’t have many friends. I didn’t know how to act, or how to respond. As a child, my best friends were all machines. When I got bigger, my understanding of machines led me into a career in electronics, and I found myself on the road with Pink Floyd’s sound company, and then the musical group KISS.

I’ve told how I moved into a real job, as a designer for a major toy company — an Aspergian passing for normal in polite society. But then it fell apart. I couldn’t pretend anymore. I quit my job and started fixing cars in my driveway.

But something happened when I started my business. I started to understand people, too. And one of the people was an insightful therapist, TR Rosenberg. TR told me about Asperger’s and that knowledge changed my life.

I started reading this book by John Elder Robison a couple days ago and am not done yet. But this morning I wanted to add it to my "books we're reading" list in my sidebar, and that led me to finding the author's blog, called Look Me in the Eye, as well as several other interesting links. Robison's other website is here, then there's his Random House site.

I'm not reviewing it at this point since I'm not done reading it, but I wanted to share the links I'd found.

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Anonymous said...

There is plenty of free information about Asperger Syndrome and other ASDs in the Autism Spectrum Podcasts issued by Midnight In Chicago at

My favorite podcasts are the ones where a 13 year old boy with AS offers up his opinions on what it is like living from day to day with autism.

Very inspirational.