Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Request for Submissions to Learning in the Great Outdoors

I will be hosting the February 4 edition of a wonderful carnival, Learning in the Great Outdoors: the Carnival of Environmental Education.

Have you written a nature-related post? Have you found a website useful for teaching about the environment?
What have you and your kids or students been learning about? Are you planning something great related to outdoor learning? Did you review a particularly wonderful children's book on nature, the environment, ecology? And if you've been surfing other blogs, is there a post you would like to nominate for this carnival?

Have you got a nomination for a Virtual Outdoors Site of the Month? There are a lot out there and I'd love to learn about some of your favorites.

Please make a submission, and get it to me soon! You can use the links in my sidebar for this carnival, or email them to me at silviapegazzani at gmail dot com, or use this blogcarnival link.

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