Friday, January 04, 2008

Some Quick Book and Movie Reviews

More like a thumbs up or thumbs down kind of thing, really. :)

I have been inspired by Elizabeth to keep track of what I read this year. I think I'll have to add a category of "children's books" to my list--I'm planning on reading the whole His Dark Materials series, because the kids and I saw the movie The Golden Compass with some friends recently, and we all enjoyed it. So that is my first thumbs up.

I also recently watched the movie Juno with friends, one of whom had just seen it and asked if we'd go see it with her again. That one definitely gets a thumbs up. We had dinner beforehand--we have a standing dinner date once a month. We ate at Revolutionary Soup on the Downtown Mall. I had the Ham and Brie wrap, which was rather tasty.

I usually don't get to go to the theater to see films. We wait till they're on Netflix, or Eddie will buy them--especially if they're part of a trilogy/series, like Spider Man, Pirates of the Caribbean, X-Men, LOTR, etc. So it was fun to see two movies-at-the-theater within about 10 days of each other. One with kids, one without.

But speaking of DVDs, I received Pirates 3 for Chrstmas, and that one gets another thumbs up. But I love just about anything with Johnny Depp (hey, I watched him on TV in 21 Jump Street--remember that one?) or Orlando Bloom, so you'll have to judge that one for yourself. :)

Ok, next quick review. I read Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade, by Diana Gabaldon, in about two days--stayed up way too late reading! I loved her Outlander series, although I've put off reading book six (A Breath of Snow and Ashes) because it was supposed to be the last one. Now I hear there's a 7th book in the works . . . At any rate, Lord John is a character in those books, and now Gabaldon has written him his own books. I read the first novel, Lord John and the Private Matter, around the time it was published, maybe in 2004. This new one is better, in my opinion. Another thumbs up. There's also a third book, Lord John and the Hand of Devils, which is a compilation of a three novellas. I'm working on that one right now. :)

I started reading to Thomas one of the books he received for Christmas. This one is titled The Day My Butt Went Psycho, by Andy Griffiths. Any time I asked him and Emily if they wanted me to read it to them, they said no, because they were already involved in something else, I'm guessing. So last night, with Emily at a sleep-over, and Thomas playing on the computer, I just sat on the futon in the kids' room and started reading it out loud. He stopped playing after about a minute and came and listened to the book. I didn't finish the first chapter because my throat was too dry, so I put the book down and went back to reading my own book downstairs in the living room. Later on, Thomas brought me the book so I'd read more to him. The word "butt" gets used an awful lot. It really appeals to him, I guess. :)

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