Monday, February 04, 2008

February Edition of Learning in the Great Outdoors

I thought I'd included in out February carnival the words to Wintersong, from the album Wintersongs by John McCutcheon (official site here), copyright 1995:

Geese are flying in a ragged "V"
Honking across the sky
The pine trees rustle their song to me
As the geese and the night go by
The owls that sweep past the swamp's dark edge
Hoot as they fly along
They're singing their song of the winter
Singing their wintersong

TheLittlestGuy presents crude oil posted at TheLittlestGuy. Learn about what crude oil and petroleum are, why we use them, and why they are causing climate change and global warming at

Stephanie presents Make Your Own Suet posted at Stop the Ride!. Outdoor learning without going outdoors!

Hilltown Families presents Celebrating the Seasons with Your Family posted at Hilltown Families. By creating seasonal nature tables with children indoors parents/teachers can create a constant connection indoors, forming a communion from the inside to the outside.

I copied these from a VaEclecticHS yahoo list conversation:

We interrupt this conversation for a brief insertion of science
resources -- and more importantly, a video clip of a BIG EXPLOSION.
1. If you like trout, ecology OR big explosions, look for "Video of
the Breaching";
2. Fish Ladders -- two good articles here and here;
3. Mr. Marshall Brown, manager at Albert Powell Trout Hatchery in
Hagerstown, Maryland, took an hour out of his busy schedule to give a couple of families a FINE tour last week. Recommended. Call ahead.

The old barn creaks as we pitch the hay
To the horses who neigh below
The bright flames crackle in the burning field
Helping next summer's crop to grow
The garden has given her final gift
The very last pumpkin is gone
They're singing their song of the winter
Singing their wintersong

piscesgrrl presents My Mile posted at Wistful Wanderlust. Appreciating what's outside my own front door.

Cindy Watson presents The Science of Survival posted at Cindy Watson. Two years ago my son wanted to be able to "go find Bigfoot", so I wrote a middle school curriculum for him. I have revised it and by next week it will be able to be sold. He had a lot of fun and learned a lot. It was too good to not share.

Marilyn Terrell for Janelle Nanos presents GPS Treasure Hunting posted at Intelligent Travel. Using geocaching to explore the great outdoors and learn about using GPS.

Terrell presents Our Walk Through the Solar System posted at Terrell Shaw. A teacher describes an outdoor lesson to demonstrate the relative sizes and distance apart of the objects in the Solar System.

Terrell also sent in Jonquils before Groundhog Day posted at Alone on a Limb.

Nature Mama presents Nature Activity ~ Build Your Own Fruit Bowl Bird Feeder posted at Nature Notes From Above. I loved reading the last carnival at Out on a Limb's blog and I thought that you might like to add our bird feeder activity. It was a lot of and a big hit with the birds :) Thanks so much and looking forward to reading the next edition of the carnival.

All for a reason
We each have a season
We rise and we lay ourselves down
Changing and turning
Planting and learning
'Til, like the sun, we come around

A friend sent me her resources, which I put into a post at Po Moyemu here: Guest Writer for Learning in the Great Outdoors Carnival. I am sending you a list of my favorites, most of which are off beat from what you can find at Barnes and Noble and on Charlotte Mason web sites. Most of these sources have a foundation in Native American beliefs. These are just our favorites that we use all the time.

Jamie at Organic Gardens blog presents Suite101: Recycle Bags in the Organic Garden. If you don't take your plastic grocery sacks to a recycling center, why not use them in the organic garden?

Barb presents The Heart of Harmony - Great Backyard Bird Count Coming Soon!!! posted at The Heart of Harmony. How about an announcement about the Great Backyard Bird Count? We are going to participate and would love to encourage others to also.

Barb presents Handbook of Nature Study: The Basic Ideas posted at Handbook of Nature Study. Here is a blog entry I wrote that talks about how we should consider nature study REAL science.

Amanda presents An Snow Day Science/Nature Study Idea Video posted at Hearts and Trees. Video about catching snowflakes and observing them with a magnifying glass.

The trees stand traced against the sky
Their arms outstretched and bare
The squirrels asleep within their nest
Find peace and comfort there
In months ahead the spring will find
The world renewed and strong
Now we're singing our song of the winter
Singing our wintersong

Some great articles I found:

Terrell presents Nature Blog Network - The Toplist for Every Species of Nature Blog posted at Nature Blog Network - All Sites. From the Nature Blog Network home page: "Welcome to the Nature Blog Network, a resource for the very best nature blogs on the net -- based on actual pageviews. If you're looking for outstanding blogging about birds, bugs, plants, herps, hiking, mollusks, mushrooms, ecosystems, or any other natural topic (or if you blog on those topics yourself), this is the top list for you!"

In my opinion, the Children's Website Award goes to the Kimana Naturalist Training Program. I'm sure you'll each have a favorite--feel free to let me know in the comments!

Thanks for visiting--I hope you enjoy visiting all these great and varied sites!

The home for this carnival is Learning in the Great Outdoors. Check it out. If you would like to host Learning in the Great Outdoors during 2008, please let Terrell know which edition(s) you would like to be responsible for. Send an e-mail to: thelimb @ mac dot com. Feel free to pass this along to others that you think might be interested in environmental education. Thanks again for your support of Learning in the Great Outdoors.

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Great hosting Silvia! Looks like a lot of good ones, and some that hit on exactly what we are talking about for school now1 Thanks!

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Nature Mama

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