Thursday, February 07, 2008

Fresh Local Produce for 2008

This is information a friend send to our local homeschool list, and I thought I'd help share the information:

It is time again to think about whether your family wants to make a concrete commitment to local, seasonal, earth-friendly produce and the farmers who grow it. There are two types of "local" shares being sold in Charlottesville. One type is to buy from a broker who buys at a far-reduced rate from farmers all over Virginia and other surrounding states. The second type is to subscribe to a CSA (community supported agriculture). This model supports an actual farmer and his family, pays him directly and fairly for his produce, and keeps the carbon footprint to a minimum. I clearly think that this is the best way to "eat green". For homeschooling families, this can provide a FANTASTIC education in food systems, economics, seasonality and community.

My VERY family-friendly and wildly talented farmer is Tony Lagana, and he and his family operate Ploughshare Farm CSA in Louisa. They do drop-offs at the City Markets on Wednesday or Saturday or offer on-farm pick-up. You will get enough to "put some by" for winter! Check them out at! Deadlines for shares are approaching.

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